FAQs for Guests

Who is invited to be a guest at Night to Shine?

Any person with a physical, cognitive, or developmental disability who is age 14 and up.

How much does it cost for a guest to attend Night to Shine?

Night to Shine is free for all guests and their parents/caretakers!

Will guests be left alone at any point?

No. Every guest at Night to Shine is paired with a volunteer buddy for the evening. Buddies are responsible for accompanying and assisting their assigned guest throughout the entire evening, providing companionship and any assistance that the guest may need.

Is there a deadline for guest registration?

There is no deadline for guest registration. Registration is limited to one hundred Honored Guests, however, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.

What is the dress code of the event?

Guests and parents/caretakers are encouraged to dress up to their desired level of comfortability. It is a prom event and formal attire is largely represented, however, we want everyone to enjoy themselves and for some that may mean a more casual style which is welcomed!

I want a family friend to be my child’s buddy. What do I do?

All buddies who are not an immediate family member will need to register as a volunteer buddy for the event. This person will then need to arrive at the same time as the guest so that they can be checked in together. 

FAQs for Parents/caretakers

I am a parent/caretaker of a guest at Night to Shine. What are my options?

We are so excited to have your child as a guest at Night to Shine. As a parent/caretaker you have two options. First, you may choose to be your child’s buddy for the evening. If you select to be your child’s buddy, we will not pair a volunteer buddy with them and you will need to remain with them at all times throughout the evening. Your second option is to utilize our Respite Room, where you will be able to relax, be served, while watching your child experience Night to Shine.

What if I am dropping my child off for the Night to Shine event?

The event begins at 6:00P.M. Please park and escort your child up to the check in area before departing. The event will conclude at 9:00 p.m. Due to safety and security purposes, you will not be allowed to enter the event. Please park and walk up the event entrance and wait for your child to exit.

What is the dress code of the event?

Guests and parents/caretaker are encouraged to dress up to their desired level of comfortability. It is a prom event and formal attire is largely represented, however, we want everyone to enjoy themselves and for some that may mean a more casual style, which is welcomed!

FAQs for Volunteers

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

All volunteers must be 14 on or before February 8, 2019. We recognize that many families would like to serve together. Please contact the Grace Church Office if you have someone under the age of 14 in your family who would like to volunteer at the event.

If I sign up to be a volunteer, will I receive training?

Absolutely! All of our volunteers will receive area specific training before the event. As you register, please stay up-to-date on information regarding dates and times for trainings.

What time will I need to arrive on Friday, February 8th, 2019?

Each volunteer team will have a different arrival time on the day of the event. Your team leader will give you clear instructions on when you need to be at the church.

How do I know which volunteer team to choose?

Please see the volunteer team descriptions below for more information on individual serving area responsibilities.

Do I need experience as a buddy to serve at Night to Shine?

No. The primary requirement of a buddy is the desire to help a guest have the best night of their life. We will have buddy trainings that will provide all the information and support needed for buddies to feel confident in making sure everyone has a great time.

I want to volunteer. Why is there a suggested $10 donation?

A requirement of the Tim Tebow Foundation is that EVERY volunteer (18yrs and up) undergo a background check. This is for the safety of all of our guests. We ask you to consider a $10 donation to help cover the cost of your background check so we can put more resources towards making Night To Shine an impactful event for all our guests! Thank you so much for your understanding!

What is the dress code of the event?

Night to Shine is a prom event and formal attire is largely represented. Dress code will vary depending on the area in which you are serving. Specific volunteer dress code will be covered throughout the volunteer process and at the training events.

Volunteer teams


Setup and participate in any additional activities, including karaoke, with the guests. Monitor the dance floor and make sure there are no ‘wallflowers’, inviting all to join in on the dance floor. Emcee the crowning ceremony, a highlight of the evening, where each king and queen gets a crown or a tiara. Encourage them and maintain a fun atmosphere!

bathroom attendant

Help guests find the restroom, and offer assistance in the restroom if needed. (If a guest requires assistance with more than getting in and out of a stall or hand washing, it is appropriate to contact their parent/caregiver to help the guest).


Accompany and assist your assigned guest throughout the evening, providing companionship and any assistance they may need during the evening.

Coat Check

Take coats, label and hang them. As guests leave, hand hand them their coat.


Create fun and engaging environments that will help guests and parents/caregivers have a great evening.


Assist with organizing corsages/boutonnieres and help guests select and pin on their flowers.

Food service/prep

Serve food to guests in main event space and Respite Room (for parents, caregivers, or family members). Be knowledgable about the items and assist guests in finding what they would like (especially if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies) and refill food warmers, drinks and snacks.

Gift Bags

Assemble gift bags, manage gifts and help each guest collect their favors they’ll take home at the end of the evening.

hair,makeup, and shoeshine

Welcome each guest to a salon station for hair and makeup or to a seat for a shoe shine. Chat with them while you pamper them and make them feel special.


Assist uniformed professional EMT personnel at the event by providing basic first aid and care for any medical needs or emergencies.

parent/caregiver room

Love on the parents/caregivers by spending time getting to know them and serving them.

Red Carpet

Assist and announce guests as they make their way down the red carpet, manage flow and traffic and cheer them on to make them feel welcomed!


Support on-site uniformed Law Enforcement personnel by ensuring a safe and secure environment for guests and volunteers. Coordinate with local police, fire, and rescue as needed

sensory room

Spend time with guests who may have become overstimulated on the dance floor or in other areas of the prom. Interact with them by participating in sensory activities, singing or listening to calming music or simply providing them with some quiet time.

Set Up

Arrive at the designated time and execute event set-up, connect with the DJ, audio/visual, activity and parking teams to ensure they have everything they need and the best possible event layout is in place.

Tear Down

Take down decorations, tables, chairs, etc. and clean up the event space.


Assist guests as they exit vehicles, and help them find the registration area. Maintain a parking pattern and direct traffic for easy vehicle entry and exit. Maintain open fire and emergency lanes. Be available as guests return to their vehicles following the event.